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  Crossmichael and Parton & Balmaghie Church of Scotland Guild

The Guild Aim The Church of Scotland Guild is a movement within the Church of Scotland 
which invites and encourages both women and men to commit their lives to Jesus Christ, and enables
them to express their faith in worship, prayer and action.
Prayer Shawl Ministry


Crossmichael and Parton Guild started in 1898 as two separate guilds. Parton guild met in Parton House and Crossmichael met in Culgruff. Later Mrs G Stewart of Culgruff provided the old guild room, and on her death bequeathed it to the minister and Kirk Session. The two Guilds united in 1989 and now meet in the church hall in Crossmichael.
The Guild meets from October to March at 2.00pm. on the second Tuesday of the month. Meetings commence with a prayer, followed by a hymn and bible reading, and each month there is a guest speaker.
Meetings are warm and friendly and afterwards members enjoy chatting over a cup of tea.
There is a joint meeting with Kirpatrick Durham and Corsock Guilds in November and the Kirk Session is invited to the January meeting.
The Guild arranges events to raise funds for the chosen Guild project and selected charities. This year the projects are Feed the Minds and Let's Stick Together
Membership is open to both men and women, so a warm welcome awaits you. If you would like more information please telephone  Christine Collier on 01556 670275


Who's Who in the Guild
Convenor and Co-ordinator Sylvia Livingston

Secretary Heather Bell
Treasurer Margaret Wilson

Leadership Team

Stella Dickson

Sue Beddows

Anne Carstairs

Jean Galloway (Projects)


Current Projects

Feed the Minds - Breaking the Cycle of FGM

More than 125 million girls in 29 countries including Scotland have been subjected to female genital mutilation. This cruel and dangerous practice can cause severe physical and psychological problems. Some girls die after being cut. Typically girls who are cut drop out of school and become mothers, often before they reach age 16. Ending FGM is complicated because it is seen as a rite of passage in some cultures. Feed the Minds, a charity that works to combat poverty and injustice across the Global South is partnering with communities in the Kuria district of Kenya to raise awareness, share knowledge and promote a culture of change. Support from The Guild will help girls to choose their own future and stop the innocent becoming victims.

From the Church of Scotland  website


Let's Stick Together - Care for the Family Scotland

"More than half of all new parents who divorce or separate do so within three years of having a child.

It's a very exhilarating time when you have a new baby, but it's also a time of great change for the family and the beginning of a new life. Some couples don't make it and it seems a bit easier today for couples not to stick together. We recognize that a huge part of that is about communication and understanding what is going on. Care for the Family Scotland helps new parents build strong family relationships and stick together through tough times."

 Kay Keith, Guild National Convener

From the Church of Scotland  website


Project Topic for this session "Go in love"



Report of the November Meeting of the Guild

by Heather Bell

Our Guild met in Crossmichael Church Hall on Tuesday 14th November when fourteen members attended.  The hymns were chosen by Willie Little, our pianist, and the reading was from Acts “Paul and Barnabas separate”.

After our business meeting we welcomed our speaker for the month, Morag Chisholm who volunteers and is a Trustee for “Relationships Scotland” in Dumfries and Galloway.  The local branch is independent, but part of a network whose headquarters are in Edinburgh.

It was interesting to hear how things have changed since the days of the Marriage Counsellor.

“Relationships Scotland” provides Relationship Counselling, Family Mediation, Counselling for Carers, and Child Contact Centre. 

For the last six years Morag has been involved and has done a lot of mediation work, staying impartial and totally confidential.  Diverse problems are discussed by those who take part and mediation is sought. Subsequent resolutions are rewarding, and consultations can be followed up if the participants wish.  Sessions can prove therapeutic for those involved. 

It may become advisory in Scotland, that such mediation is sought if there is breakdown of marriage.

We thanked Morag for her interesting talk. 


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Report of the October Meeting of the Guild

by Heather Bell

At our first meeting of the new session we were delighted to have fifteen members, also Sally Russell, our Minister, and Guest Speaker, the Presbytery Moderator, Lilly Stevenson.

Our guests, and members, including some new members, were welcomed by the Convenor Sylvia Livingston.

We commenced with the hymn, "When I surveyed the Wondrous Cross", then the reading "The Good Samaritan"

After a prayer we welcomed Sally Russell who commenced with Communion where we all broke bread, and used an ancient style chalice for the wine. It was a joyous occasion which proved very thought provoking, and a wonderful celebration in memory of Christ.

Sally's talk was on her year as Presbytery Moderator, her initial trepidation turning to sheer joy at having been given such an opportunity.

She has travelled throughout the parishes this past year from Kirkconnel to Cummertrees and many places in between, celebrating special anniversaries; 125 years  for Southwick, 175 for Thornhill, and 150 for Maxwelltown West.  Celebrations included flower festivals to movie themes, and also songs of praises. She had, as part of her rol,e to submit Christmas messages to the newspapers, and on one occasion was involved in a petition from one church which, in the end, was amicably resolved.

The meeting ended with the Hymn "Brother, Sister Let Me Serve You" and a final prayer, followed by  refreshments.


Forthcoming Events for the Guild


14th November    14.00       Relationship Scotland       Morag Chisholm

12th December                     Guild Christmas Party


9th January           14.00       "The Covenanter's Trail"    Rev. David Bartholomew

13th February       14.00       The Leprosy Mission

13th March           14.00        Crossreach     


"There is an open invitation to anyone interested in any of the Guild meeting. Please feel free to come and join us .... the Guild is not just for members. We meet on the second Tuesday in the month at 2pm from October to March Speak to any Guild member and they will put you in the picture."   

                                        Sylvia Livingston (Convenor)   




* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Stewartry Church Guilds are joining the worldwide movement of small groups who gather to create shawls for individuals who would benefit from this outreach of love and compassion. Often these are people burdened with illness or sorrow, but the shawls can also be a gift to celebrate a marriage or a new baby.

The purpose is to provide a garment which will allow them to encounter God's love in a tangible way; a feeling of comfort and warmth beyond what the woven threads alone would be able to provide.

........."we celebrate our God who knits us into wholeness, who enables us to car for others, who encircles the world in an eternal shawl of love and compassion."

Susan S Jorgenson

For more information about sharing this ministry please contact Sheila Bishop or Sylvia Livingston.

         Some of the knitters with a display of their work ready to be sent away to

         charities at home and abroad.

Our thanks are given to BUCKHAVEN AND WEMYSS PARISH CHURCH for sharing this special ministry with us, and to Deacon Jacqueline Thompson, for putting us on the right track with a view to setting up the shawl ministry.


The Prayer Shawl Ministry held a meeting last week in Crossmichael Church Hall.  It was very successful with nine people attending.
The aim was to knit shawls with a prayer in our heart for the recipients who may be undergoing illness, and who will get comfort from a shawl made with love in the hearts of those knitting.  Two ladies whose late husbands received a Prayer Shawl, still get comfort themselves from the shawl as it is a close reminder of those they loved and cared for.
The meeting started with a prayer, and then it was knitting pins to the ready as people of all abilities knitted their own interpretation of what pattern they thought a shawl should be!  The meeting also gave people fellowship and it was heartening to hear one lady, who is over 90, saying she was delighted to get her knitting out again, as she would have been sitting at home all alone.
After  tea and biscuits people left with the feeling that more people would benefit from the "knitting and natter" as anyone from any background or ability is welcome. Not a knitter - then you will be shown how to do it!
See the diary page for the date of our next meeting which will be in Crossmichael Church Hall.  Just come along, but if you want more information contact Jean Galloway, or Tel. Sylvia Livingston (01556 503816) on behalf of the Stewartry Guild Council.

Heather Bell 




Soup and sweet lunches are held on the last Tuesday of every month in the
 church hall. A variety of delicious soups and sweets are prepared and served by members
and friends of the Church. Proceeds  go towards the upkeep of the church.




Youth Work in Crossmichael is co-ordinated by Netta Adams with the help of Eleanor Hex, Olive Kirkpatrick and Christine Collier.

Scripture Union Meetings are run by Netta Adams, Christine Collier and Olive Kirkpatrick
These take place once a fortnight in Crossmichael School from 3-4 p.m. Meetings are well attended, but there is always room for more, so if you attend the school, or know someone who does, we would love you to come and join us. We play some games, listen to a bible story and perhaps do some craft or art work to illustrate it. Then we may do some singing, and think about the good things in our lives and say a prayer to thank God for them. We finish with a drink, a biscuit and some sweeties.
See you soon?

......... and this is what happened recently ...........

The Crossmichael School Scripture Union group met up with the Springholm School group at Kirkpatrick Durham Church on St. Andrews Day. Seventeen children enjoyed an afternoon of fun and games, craft and story activities, and juice and goodies. They learned a new song which they will probably be singing to parents in the days to come.

They watched a DVD telling the story of "The Candy Maker", another take on the Christmas story.

The children all went home with beautifully decorated boxes, tied up with ribbon and containing hearts and stars and a Christmas tree made from buttons. A candy cane had been added to each box so that when they opened them on Christmas Day the children would be reminded of the story of the candy maker.

We set off for home feeling happily tired and thinking of next year's event.

If you have any good ideas please do come and share!

Olive Kirkpatrick


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